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Bilyana Tomova is Ph.D. in Cultural Economics, Associate Professor in Media Economics and researcher in the area of cultural and creative industries. She is co-founder and  co-director of the Observatory of Cultural Economics-Sofia.

She earned her Master's degrees in Economics and Economical Sociology, and her doctorate degree with subject - "Special features of arts markets (performing arts)" at the University of National and World Economics, Sofia. Bilyana Tomova is Fellow on cultural policies at the Center for Policy Studies affiliated with the Central European University and the Open Society Institute, Budapest. Bilyana Tomova is Associate Professor at the University of National and World Economics, Sofia (department of Media and Public Communications), where she is also the head of the Master's program Production and cultural industries" (2011-2016) and co-head of the Master's program “Business Journalism and Production (2017). She is also visiting professor at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art, Sofia. She reads: financing media and cultural industries, economics of culture and media, film production, institutional economics and media. Alongside her academic career, she is and has been a member of several national and international institutions and organizations such as: the National Council of Cinema, the National Culture Fund (the Steering Committee), the National Association of Cultural Managers, the National Forum Culture. Assoc. Prof. Dr. B. Tomova is an expert and part of the team sustaining the EU Compendium for Cultural Policy for Bulgaria.