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Observatory of Cultural Economics
65, Iskar St.
Sofia 1527, Bulgaria
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Dr. Diana Andreeva is a co-founder and a co-director of the Observatory of Cultural Economics. She earned a PhD in Cultural Economics from the University of National and World Economics - UNWE.  Her professional experience starts in the field of Finance (Master degree at UNWE). Since 2005, she works as a researcher in cultural policy and cultural economics for the Public Expertise for Academic Change Project, Sofia University "Kl. Ohridski". Since 2009, she teaches "Marketing and advertising" and "Financing of performing arts" at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. In 2014, she became a permanent assistant professor at the University of National and World Economy in the subjects: "Audio-visual Policy", “Innovation media”, "Investment choice in the media and cultural industries", "Economics of cultural industries," Political Economy of the media". Diana Andreeva has published numerous articles in recent years and has participated in various Bulgarian and international research teams in the field of cultural economics and financing. Since 2010, she is co-editor of the Compendium of Cultural Policies of the Council of Europe, (together with Assoc. Prof. BilyanaTomova). Diana Andreeva is a member of the Film Commission at Sofia Municipality. She volunteers for 17 international organizations and projects with more than 10 countries.